Fried Meehoon on weeknights

As previously mentioned, I’m quite lazy. But I like fresh hot food on weeknights. Lots of people ask why I don’t just eat out, actually I don’t know, maybe I’m just too lazy to go to a shopping mall and find some food.

Local food often is a bit harder to be lazy with as you end up thinking about making dishes, which takes ages. However, fried meehoon really is a truly lazy food.

On weeknights I usually cook for one, but you can scale up for as many people as needed. This recipe makes a bit extra sauce, if you have 3 people then I’d recommend only doubling the sauce recipe. You can also add chopped chicken or fishballs, but I didn’t have any today. Also I didn’t feel like going shopping.

Fried Meehoon

Meehoon – one serving
Garlic – 4 cloves, chopped
Chilli – one, chopped into strips
Stringbeans – enough for one, chopped small
Egg – one

Oyster sauce – 1.2 tablespoons (so precise..measure properly or it will fail woo woo)
Light soya sauce – 1 tablespoon
Dark soya sauce – 1 tablespoon
White pepper – a few shakes

  1. Soak your meehoon for a couple of minutes in cold water. Look at the packet (I did mine for about 2 minutes), don’t oversoak!
  2. Heat oil in a wok. Fry the garlic until golden brown and delicious smelling.
  3. Throw in the chilli. Wait a few minute til it’s a bit cooked, then add the stringbeans (or other vege..some people add carrot or cabbage but I don’t like those. You should add any chicken/fishballs at this point too and cook until they are done)
  4. Drain and add the meehoon and sauce mix. Stir, so that everything gets coated.
  5. Turn the heat up high. Push your meehoon to one side of the wok, so the base is exposed. Crack an egg onto the exposed part of the wok, and stir quickly so it doesn’t stick or look like a fried egg. The aim is to scramble.
  6. Mix the egg into the meehoon.
  7. Dust with as much white pepper as you like.

Total time spent on dinner: one TV show episode (20 minutes)


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