The Spinach Flu

So today I’m sick. I thought I wasn’t, and happily trundled into work this morning at 9. Well 9.30, given train delays – it was madness this morning I don’t know what happened! Well, once I got into work I was promptly shoo-ed off to the doctor by my colleagues. I guess they were concerned for my health… and also my potential to infect them. In any case, I won’t complain about a free holiday. Despite not feeling that unwell, the Dr instructed me to go home as apparently I had a fever. I guess he turned out to be right in the end, as by afternoon I wasn’t feeling so chirpy anymore.

So, sick people food. Chinese porridge always comes to mind. But that takes a bit of work. I wasn’t willing to stand over the stove sweating this afternoon. Sometimes when I’m sick, I get really inspired to make Chinese porridge (I firmly believe it is a medicine don’t you know). But, the last time that happened was when I was in London, and it was really cold, so it could also have been a warmth-seeking-exercise. Also soup. I did have leftover mushroom soup, which I ate for lunch, but unfortunately one has to eat dinner as well even if one’s too lazy to cook it. I suppose I could have just ordered pizza or something. The trials and tribulations of eating healthily.

I rummaged through my fridge (mentally, its cold in there, I don’t like cold), settling on frozen spinach. Spinach is supposed to make you strong! Like Popeye! Inspired by the saag I had at Bel’s house last weekend, I set to work making easy-food. I also wanted something without chilli for my poor throat. That was a rather tall order, especially for me.

I don't think I want arms that big though

Of what I could taste, this tasted pretty good. The sharpness of the lemon went nicely with the cheese, and the spinach was infused with a charred garlic taste. I need to try this again when I can smell properly.

Spinach and Pine nut Pasta

Serves two

200g pasta – I used tricoloure, because I like the colourful sqiggles
5 cloves of garlic
1 cup of spinach – frozen is fine, fresh would probably be nicer
1/2 cup parmesan – real cheese please! Any other hard cheese would also probably be nice
1/4 cup toasted pine nuts – optional
2 tablesp lemon juice
salt + black pepper

  1. Boil your pasta, set aside
  2. Chop and fry the garlic in about a tablespoon of oil. Keep going until it’s brown. You should add a pinch of salt at this point, it seems to make the garlic/oil mix more fragrant.
  3. Add the spinach, and cook for a while until the garlicky taste seeps in. I actually dumped mine in frozen and let it heat up together.
  4. Mix mix! mix the spinach with the pasta, finely grated cheese, and pine nuts. Add the lemon juice and as much black pepper as you like, and stir.

Spinach and Pine Nut Pasta


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