Whoa, Tagine

Yea so I didn’t make a tagine. Your expectations of me are far too high. Bigfoot made tagine.

I said I wanted to record everything so we could make it again. Response: nod nod, yes yes Lea, don’t worry.

Hello lonely potato Yum yum corianderEverything is browning Mmm uncooked meat

The problem is that he is a more natural cook than I am, so what that means is that he chucks in lots of things until it tastes right, then remembers how it tastes, but forgets what he put in or how much.

Don't overfill and make sure you have enough water Yes, we overfilled Smells good. Tastes...like water Getting there I suppose


The lid is slightly open because it bumped up and down scarily

Of course it isn’t entirely his fault. Once I had his agreement that he would ‘remember’ what was in the dish and what he did, I happily went off and did my own thing, disregarding absolutely everything that was going on. I cook to eat you know, not for the sake of cooking. My posts are the result of  my need for happy eating with minimal cooking. If someone else volunteers to do all the cooking, who am I to disagree? 🙂


So, I do apologise, but in this post I will be pasting the recipe we used as-is. I’m sure it tasted awesome that way. I’m using this as a recipe binder – with the hope that next time we make tagine, I can update it to reflect how it was actually made. It tasted amazing the way we  *cough* made it too, so I hope that we can figure out how to do it again someday. Right.

Lamb, Prune, and Almond Tagine

Taken from Grantourismo. I have no idea how much we changed it, so you’re better off following their ingredients list, and method too if you like. I’ve added the method that we used below.

EDIT: you can find the original recipe on their website here. I’m a bit of a noob with regards to blog laws, and I didn’t realise you can’t paste entire recipes even if sourced.. Sorry guys, I won’t do it again, promise.
Big thanks to Terence for letting me know about my error!

I’ll add a new ingredients list once I figure out exactly what we put in our version.

Happy Bellea’s lazy unsupervised-cooking method:

  1. Fry onions, garlic, lamb, and spices in a pan until the lamb is browned. Start with the onion and garlic and add the lamb once that has cooked a little.
  2. Transfer everything to a crock pot (including the prunes and almonds). We also added some root vegetables here, like carrot and potato. Add the water here.
  3. Leave the crockpot on automatic for about 5 hours
  4. Take everything out and dump it in the tagine. Put the tagine over high heat, cover it and let it bubble. Keep going until it tastes nice, and add everything and the kitchen sink to make it so (yes, I don’t know what was added). Serve hot with crusty bread.



Note: Also now I have looked up blog laws, and apparently it’s fine to reproduce ingredients lists, and as long as they are accompanied by a re-write of the method? (link) Anyway, sorry in advance if I attribute incorrectly, just let me know and I’ll change things 🙂

4 thoughts on “Whoa, Tagine

    • Oh no, I’m so sorry! I didn’t intend to steal or anything like that. I’ll take it down now and leave just the link, would that be okay?

  1. Lea, thanks for that, a link is fine, or even putting it up with your adaptations (from the ingredients list) and your own method of making it, like you did.
    Note that the post on http://foodblogalliance.com/ doesn’t say it’s ok to reproduce an entire recipe without permission, it says “You should not reprint a published recipe word-for-word, which can be construed as a violation of copyright infringement.” Which is what you did.
    And in the comments, by the author: “But as mentioned, reprinting a recipe word-for-word is generally seen as a violation of the publisher’s copyright.” Which is what you did. It’s not about attribution.
    There are lots of reasons why this is a problem, my biggest problem is that you wrote, “I have no idea how much we changed it, so you’re better off following their ingredients.” So what really is the point of your post? You have not really done anything other than take a recipe I meticulously researched in Morocco and threw the ingredients in a Crock-Pot.
    That is almost as offensive to me as reproducing content without permission 😉

    • Thanks for re-iterating the Food Alliance post, Terence. Your earlier comment spurred me to look for information on copyrights, which I previously didn’t know anything about – so I learnt something new today, thank you for that 🙂

      However, I must say I would most definitely throw everything in a crockpot again, because I simply don’t have 4 hours handy to prep for dinner! I don’t have any false pretensions of authenticity here, I’m just looking for a small reminder of a country I loved when I visited 🙂

      Btw, I’ve tried a couple of other tagine recipes before trying yours – yours was by far the best (even with my shortcut cooking methods and loosely followed ingredients list), so thanks for your research!!

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