I love writing, talking and learning about food from all over the world. I’ve had the privilege of living all over the world, so my tastes have become rather diverse – if a little odd – over the years, but I find that I am often true to my Malaysian roots: I will eat and fall grossly in love with anything gutwrenchingly spicy and carb filled. My favourite foods include, but are not limited, to assam laksa (only my grandmother’s), dal khichdi, nasi lemak, black pudding, sushi and Raisinets. And cheese: Edam, gouda, gruyere, paneer, brunost, cheddar, mozzarella (buffalo. always buffalo), marscapone, Philly’s cream cheese…just to name a few.

I can be found running, in the yoga studio or in the lab (I work as a fledgling scientist during the day) if not at the fridge.


mm, pieSo, I just like to eat. I will not lie to you about this, I am completely stomach-driven. Also very quite a little bit greedy, especially at dessert time. Also kinda lame, but that’s self-evident I suspect. Cooking was always a terrifying experience for me, which I avoided at all costs until the full gravity of my impending starvation hit me while I was studying at a small university campus in the Netherlands. Not a sambal in sight. Or a maggi goreng or an assam laksa or a curry or a banana leaf or a vege-char siew pau. I slowly realised that in order to eat what I wanted to eat, I was going to have to cook. A very kind and caring friend took me under her wing and taught me the basics – how to boil pasta without scalding myself, how to fry garlic without creating charcoal, and what not to put in the microwave, among other important life lessons. I should probably thank her again/more often. With newly gained confidence, I treat this poor blog like a depository of thrills and spill, and find fun in intentionally (and unintentionally) disobeying recipes and fixing mistakes with parmesan cheese, fish sauce, cumin seeds, and chilli flakes. Sometimes this ends horribly; I don’t recommend that you follow my example. I especially like cake of all sorts.

You can find me in lots of places, usually stuffing my face with something.

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