Tried & Tested

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Lea: occasionally I bake gluten-free as a I have a gluten intolerant family member, so note that all recipes I have tried out successfully with gluten-free flour are marked.

Malaysian Chinese, Nyonya, and Chinese

Fried fish with ginger and soya sauce

Asam prawn

Ginger & Spring Onion Lala (or Pipis)

Braised tofu with dried shitake mushrooms

Steamed tofu with spring onions

Steamed Szechuan inspired tofu

Chinese-restaurant style vegetables with garlic and fish sauce

Green vegetables with garlic and oyster sauce

Sesame long beans

Szechuan Eggplant with Spicy Tauchu

Basic Chinese porridge / congee

Malay and Indonesian 

Tempe kering – tempeh with peanuts and chilli

Bigfoot’s mother’s legendary sambal tempeh

Kuah Kacang / Malaysian Peanut Sauce / Satay Sauce

Sambal potato with ikan bilis 

Sambal asparagus

Stirfried kangkung with udang kering

Malaysian Indian and Indian

Baingan Bharta

Tandoori prawn

Dry fry cauliflower



Rice Cooker Kichidi

Malaysian Street Food

Rojak pasembur

Nasi lemak (take 1)

Belacan fried rice

Simple fried meehoon


Pan fried turmeric white fish / Pla Kra Bok Tod Kamin

Thai style baked fish

Green curry from scratch


Mentaiko pasta

Onigiri – basic and grilled

Spicy salmon furikake

Roasted salmon head teriyaki

Asparagus with sesame dressing

Lotus root stir fry


Grilled eggplant in fish sauce

Claypot eggplant


Oxtail stew

Cheese on toast

Apple pie with cheddar crust

Golden castle pudding

Rich scones with raisins

Jam trifle cupcakes

Battenberg cake


Christmas mince pies

Christmas pudding (alcohol free)

International and Fusion

Flash fried curried pork with vegetables

Mussels with garlic, fennel, and parsley

Roasted broccoli with feta

Baked rice with spicy seafood

Salad with balsamic caramelised onion dressing

Italian (including clearly Not-Italian pastas)

Basic tomato sauce

Crispy pizza base

Avocado pesto pasta

Aglio olio e pepperoncino pasta

Chilli, leek and prawn pasta

Easy mac and cheese with leek and lamb sausage

Lamb and carrot ragu

Porcini and garlic pasta

Rocket hazelnut garlic pesto pasta

Spinach and cheese pasta

Spinach and pine nut pasta

Lea’s mum’s homemade lasagne

Lea’s considerably easier vegetarian lasagne (in this case, eggplant)

Yeti roast vegetable pasta


Elotes Callajeros (grilled corn, Mexican style)


Tagine with prunes and almonds

Breakfast and Brunch

Lazy french toast

Eggnog Panettone french toast

Cheese on toast

Cheater’s lemon cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze

Baked oatmeal with apples and raisins

Avocado and Feta Sourdough Toast, with Pomegranate Seeds + Other Fun Stuff

Homemade Muesli


Cashew cream of mushroom soup, with cheesy garlic bread (soup: vegan)

Salmon fish stock

Bread and Pastry

Tuna puffs

Tangzhong bread


Lea’s favourite banana cake

Eggless mini chocolate cakes

PB&J cupcakes

Double layer chocolate cake

Sicilian orange cake (gluten free)

Milo dinosaur cake

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

Hummingbird red velvet cupcakes

Orange sponge cake with white chocolate ganache and raspberry filling (gluten free)

Whole orange cake with raisins and a cheese crust (gluten free)

Hazelnut brown butter cake with cream cheese white chocolate faux french buttercream (gluten free)

Nutella pie cheesecake

Vanilla cake with orange cream cheese icing (gluten free)

Healthy-as-coleslaw carrot cake with cream cheese icing (gluten free)

Jam trifle cupcakes

Battenberg cake


Chocolate Fondant Cupcakes

Cookies and Biscuits

Chocolate colgate cookies

Chocolate wafers

Pies, Puddings and Scones

Seafood Leek Smoked Cheese Galette

Caramelised Leek and Feta Pie with Zaatar Crust

Apple pie with cheddar crust

Patchwork apple pie (gluten free)

Golden castle pudding

Rich scones with raisins

Christmas mince pies

Christmas pudding (alcohol free)

Sweets, Ice Cream, and Sauce

Brown sugar fudge with dates

Strawberry balsamic reduction

Swirly caramel ice cream

Plum (or any other non-watery fruit for that matter) ice cream


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